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Compressed Air Best Practices

Energy Efficiency 

Energy Star & Food Processing

Organic & Eco-Friendly Products and Procedures

Use environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies and detergents.


energy starThe first ENERGY STAR® tool for the commercial bakeries, the Energy Efficiency Improvement and Cost Savings Opportunities for the Baking Industry - An ENERGY STAR Guide for Plant and Energy Managers,” is available.  This “cookbook” is designed to help the commercial baking industry reduce energy and water consumption in a cost-effective manner.

The ABA acknowldeges contributors to this effort:  Jim McKeown of Bimbo Bakeries USA, Diana Leslie Bryan of The Campbell Soup Company, Dennis Colliton of Northeast Foods, Phil Domenicucci of AMF Bakery Systems, John K. Evicks of the Bama Companies, Jerry Hancock of Flowers Foods, Walter Kraus of Weston Foods, Todd Musterait of Rich Products Corporation, Kumar Navile of Bimbo Bakeries USA, Harry Pettit of Pepperidge Farms, Derek St. John of East Balt Commissary, and Robert Zimmerman of The Campbell Soup Company.  

More details are available in the EPA's Steps for Participation and the webinar PowerPoint slides

Take the Challenge Today! Bakers may sign up directly on-line by downloading the ABA ENERGY STAR Challenge for the Baking Industry Application.

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