Carbon Footprinting

Compressed Air Best Practices

Energy Efficiency 

Energy Star & Food Processing

Organic & Eco-Friendly Products and Procedures

Use environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies and detergents.


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What is Benchmarking?
Benchmarking allows you to track your resource usage and waste. You can compare usage between multiple facilities and use the hard data to identify areas where your company can become more sustainable.

Sustainability Scorecard
Use this resource to calculate your bakery's sustainability score. 

Download Sample Tool A

Sustainability Metrics
Use this resource to track and compare sustainability of multiple plants, grouping by geographical region. Set reduction targets: measure progress on a plant-by-plant basis and by region.

  1. Production        
  2. Landfill Waste   
  3. Total Energy Use 
  4. Water usage (in - Gal/100 Lbs Product) 

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Packaging & Sustainability – The Consumer Goods Forum
The Consumer Goods Forum’s report, "A Global Language for Packaging and Sustainability," aims to deliver a common framework and measurement system that trading partners can use to help them make better, more informed decisions about packaging and sustainability.

Download Global Packaging Project