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Congratulations to ABA’s Energy Focused Bakers 
ABA congratulates its most recent ENERGY STAR® participants, Bimbo Bakeries USA, the BAMA Companies Inc. and Turano Baking Company.   Twenty one sites and 8 baking companies are now taking the challenge to reduce their energy use by 10% over the next 5 years.  Participants also include East Balt, The Kroger Company, Northeast Foods, Klosterman, and Pan-O-Gold Baking Company.  Don’t get left behind in the crowd, join the ENERGY STAR® challenge!  Registering can now be done directly on-line.

Insight - In "Green Wheat" drive, Wal-Mart may transform farming
By Michael Hirtzer
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Wal-Mart Stores Inc (WMT.N) has long used its commercial might to forge a global supply chain with ruthless efficiency. It now has a new target: U.S. wheat fields. MORE>

Energy Guide in the Works as Bakers Take Challenge
As East Balt Commissary Inc., Northeast Foods, and Pan-O-Gold begin the ENERGY STAR® Challenge, ABA starts work on the Energy Management Guide for the Baking Industry (Guide). ABA congratulates bakers for taking the challenge and welcomes their participation in developing the Guide. The Guide will summarize trends in energy use within the baking industry, provide an assessment and discussion of available energy efficiency opportunities, and focus on commercially available technologies. Further, this tool will briefly highlight water use and water efficiency for the baking industry.

Three ways Walmart and its suppliers are reducing packaging
By Eric Louie
When you open a new cereal box, before you tear into the bag, you're likely to see some empty space at the top. Cereal settles during shipping, with smaller pieces filling all the space at the bottom and leaving that extra space on top. If you've ever tried to squeeze more cereal into something – a bowl, a bag or a storage container – and you've done it by shaking the container, you've taken advantage of this same phenomenon. MORE>

ABA Challenge focuses bakery energies - A message from Robb MacKie, president and C.E.O. American Bakers Association
There is no lack of policy issues on which ABA is working to benefit the baking industry. Issues such as commodity volatility, nutrition labeling, workforce, proof box emissions, etc., are all front-of-mind in Washington and the states. However, I want to focus this month on an important initiative ABA recently launched–the ABA ENERGY STAR® Challenge. MORE>

Baking Industry, EPA Sign MOU - Prepare to Launch Energy Star Initiative
ABA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the U.S. EPA to promote increased energy efficiency for the baking industry. Through the agency’s ENERGY STAR program, ABA and EPA will collaborate to provide valuable energy management tools to help promote increased energy efficiency among the U.S. baking industry. MORE>

Taking the Road Less Traveled to Reach Lofty Shipping Goals
High gas prices impact everyone, especially during high-travel summer months as families venture out on vacation. Americans across the country are feeling the pressure every time they visit the pump. Walmart is no different, and we see the effects in the way our customers shop, as well as behind the scenes in our own operations. That's why, since 2005, our focus has been on taking trucks off the road by reducing the number of miles we drive and driving our miles as efficiently as possible. This is just one way we keep our operating costs low so we can pass our savings on to customers, while at the same time reducing our carbon footprint. Walmart set an aggressive goal six years ago to double the efficiency of our transportation network by the end of 2015. MORE>

Food Processors Baking Profits into Energy Savings

P&L meets environmental sustainability in the baking business as Energy Star and associations put energy savings at the forefront.
Ready to put his Purdue University degree to work, Dave Van Laar, dug into one of his first assignments as an industrial engineer: to cost-justify the purchase of a cardboard bailer. "When I did the initial justification, we were going to make $10,000 a year selling the cardboard scrap. But by the time we got it purchased and installed, the board market had changed so much we had to pay someone to haul it off." MORE>