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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires all marketing claims to be substantiated and not deceptive or misleading, As described by the FTC, its marketing rules apply to “all forms of marketing for products and services: advertisements, labels, package inserts, promotional materials, words, symbols, logos, product brand names, and marketing through digital or electronic media, such as the Internet or email.” FTC rules apply to products, packaging and services whether for personal, family or household use, or for commercial, institutional or industrial use.
The FTC has issued detailed guidance on environmental marketing claims (known as the “Green Guides”) outlining application of FTC’s rules to the areas of environmental or sustainability claims, whether express or implied. Click for more information about the FTC Green Guides.

FTC is currently in the process of revising these guidelines to address topical issues that have arisen since the original publication of the guides in 1992, such as renewable or green energy, carbon offsets, renewable materials, compostable or biodegradable claims, recycling issues, non-toxic or “free-of” claims, certifications and seals of approval, and life-cycle analysis, with a final revision to the guidelines anticipated in late 2011. Click for more information about the proposed revisions to the FTC Green Guides.