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bakery workerAmerican Pan
American Pan, Bundy Baking Solutions’ industrial pan company, was recognized as B.E.S.T. in Baking forf its energy efficient, environmentally sensible ePAN and e2PAN. The pans are touted as offering baking operations increased energy savings and result in a positive environmental impact because they substantially reduce raw material use. VISIT WEBSITE>

Bedford Industries
Bedford Industries began as a manufacturer of wire twist ties and has now expanded to encompass a number of other related areas including all types of identification products, adhesive technology, packaging reclosures, and specialized bundling ties.  It was singled out for its biodegradeable twist tie. VISIT WEBSITE>

Colborne Foodbotics
Colborne Foodbotics, specializing in automated systems for food processing and packaging, was chosen as B.E.S.T. in Baking for its program to help customers optimize their packing techniques and improve distribution efficiency by increasing pack density.

Danisco is a world leader in food ingredients, enzymes, and bio-based solutions.  The company takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability, from product development to manufacturing and consumption.  Danisco earned recognition for its Natamax B natural antimicrobial. VISIT WEBSITE>

Horizon Milling
Horizon Milling was recognized for its EcoFlour™ sustainability solutions, a customizable ingredient program designed to employ precision agriculture to use fertilizer more efficiently and to reduce energy inputs and improve yields. VISIT WEBSITE>

Disclaimer: The American Bakers Association does not endorse specific products or marketing claims made by individual supplier companies. The Becoming Environmentally Sustainable Together (B.E.S.T.) program is an initiative of the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE). The American Bakers Association does not warrant endorsements, certifications or statements of the IBIE or B.E.S.T. program and has not independently evaluated products or services.